William Painter Sustains Hypergrowth through Advanced Inventory Analytics

The Inc. 5000 fastest-growing sunglasses designer and e-tailer relies on the actionable analytics in Balanced Inventory software to achieve the visibility, control, and confidence needed to meet customer demand and sustain triple-digit annual growth rates.

Seneca, SC July 16, 2019 Balanced Flow (www.balancedinventory.com), the developer of advanced supply chain and inventory management solutions for retailers, brands, distributors and manufacturers, announces contemporary sunglasses and accessories e-tailer William Painter (www.williampainter.com) as the latest consumer goods brand to benefit from its Balanced Inventory™ cloud-based inventory replenishment solution. Ranked #380 on the 2018 Inc. 5000i list of fastest-growing American companies, the San Diego-based company designs and markets premium sunglasses through its website, Amazon.com, and other online venues.

According to William Painter CEO Matt DeCelles, “We were experiencing the double-edged sword of hypergrowth. We knew that demand was there to support a product line expansion, but we were concerned that we could lose control without better systems and processes in place. Balanced Inventory has provided the visibility and control needed to sustain our growth by turning inventory faster and reducing inventory cash requirements by as much as 30%. This gives us the confidence to grow our business even more aggressively going forward.”

With a 3-year growth rate of 1,294% from 2014 through 2017, the young company was quickly challenged to improve its inventory forecasting and replenishment processes. While a spreadsheet-based process of sourcing large amounts of stock just 2- or 3-times each year met minimum factory order requirements, it tied up too much cash in inventory. Even with its best efforts, fast-moving SKU’s were still running out-of-stock while slow-movers filled up warehouse space.

To address this dilemma, William Painter took a managed services approach to inventory replenishment based on the innovative Balanced Inventory software. “Balanced Inventory very quickly put us in control of the inventory,” explained Orion Avidan, Expert Inventory Consultant. “The actionable analytics in the system gives us precise recommendations on what stock we need to buy to ensure fulfillment of all orders while avoiding purchases of excess stock. We have tied together marketing and inventory details to accelerate a more predictable and profitable process.”

“We are pleased with the opportunity to play a role in the impressive growth at William Painter,” noted Balanced Inventory CEO Steven McLendon. “We applaud their commitment to profitably delivering what’s selling.”

About William Painter

Founded in 2012, the brand name was inspired by William Painter, the late 1800’s Irish mechanical engineer and prolific inventor of the crown bottle cap, the bottle opener, and nearly 100 other items. Its innovative sunglasses feature titanium frames, nylon polarized lenses, exceptional weight balance, and a lifetime guarantee. Promoted as the most durable sunglasses ever, the frames of the company’s flagship style “The Hook” double as a bottle opener. For more information, visit www.williampainter.com.

About Balanced Inventory

The secret to efficiently increasing turns was discovered during the US Army’s mandate for zero stock-outs and excess inventory. Balanced Flow and Clemson University created a unique, time-based pull replenishment methodology that mitigates forecast error and achieves unparalleled breakthroughs in inventory turns, on-time delivery performance, and inventory productivity. Based on this development, Balanced Inventory™ combines industry best practices and patented analytics to deliver elimination of stockouts, doubling of inventory turns, and up to 30% reductions in inventory investment. For more information, visit www.balancedinventory.com.

Media contact:

Steven McLendon, CEO

Balanced Inventory

(404) 281-1455

i 2018 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America - https://www.inc.com/inc5000

Balanced Inventory is a trademark of Balanced Flow Supply Chain Solutions, LLC

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