Brad, what’s easier?  Reducing Inventory by $150MIL or almost doubling sales?

We can help you recapture $150+MIL within one year from your inventory, while increasing turns, profits, and sales.

Chances are Cooper Tire’s inventory management practice is based on a variation of Min/Max, the universally used replenishment process developed well before fast-paced multi-channel commerce was envisioned.  While you are not alone, what if you could consistently improve availability while preventing stock-outs/backorders, consume less cash for inventory, eliminate excess inventory and margin eroding clearance items, and dramatically increase inventory turns? We are offering to prove these potential improvements with a no cost or risk test for one of your product lines with your approval?


  • Eliminate Stock-Outs/Backorders

  • Lift On-Time Delivery Performance to > 99%

  • Increase Sales 2.5% through increased product availability

  • Increase Inventory Turns—FY2017  4.8 to 9+ Turns


  • Reduce Inventory Cash Investment Requirement >$150MIL

  • Eliminate Expediting Cost—rushing In & Out Bound Shipments at your cost

  • Reduce Inventory Ownership Cost—Reduced Space, Labor, Carrying Cost

  • Reduce Inventory Management Cost—reduced planning effort

NO Risk Guarantee

Existing Process -- Balanced Inventory works in parallel with existing replenishment system by using its current Inventory status.


Management Time – Balanced Inventory reduces inventory management work load by more than 25%, requiring less than less than four hours of training.


Cost – No cost to try. Upon implementation, expect annual savings of at least 10 times annual fee, guaranteed.

NEXT Steps

Simply return completed BI Data Form (download here) with your data for one product group to get started. We will present current inventory status in terms of days-of-sales and simulate realistic improvements based on current inventory, lead times and other business rules.

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Balanced Inventory

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